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New Erythrae, Version 6: Resurgence (March 2016 - Current)

Finally, after 4 years of not much activity, and several attempts to revitalise the site with only small changes in design and content. It was decided to start fresh with a completely new design and layout. The subtitle Resurgence being the name in hope of creating a "Resurge" in activity of Erythrae. This version update also saw the rebranding of the Portfolio into a Graphics site named Chios. Along with other multiple new changes that have been long awaited for. And the Visitor Stats counter was finally reset to 0, to promote the fact that this was a New Erythrae, and not the same old site from years ago.

Erythrae Studios, Version 5: The Catalyst (January 14, 2012 - January 2016)

Version 5 was an attempt of change, to make the network more "simple and professional" with a basic color scheme and design to appear cleaner. This was the last full version update before CyranoX moved and started working full time offline which ultimately became the death of Erythrae with limited time to work on the site. An attempt to revive a dying site was made with Version 5.2 where the design was altered to include combinations of yellow, grey and red. Version 5 also came with a new logo to help with promotion of the site. It also was during this time that the XariMyst brand finally came to an end, being closed after lack of activity for quite some time. It also saw the end of the original Eikona Gallery and the Topsides. KazeKage Forums was introduced in 2014/15 but never amounted to any activity and also closed within 6 months of opening. With Erythrae Studios reputation dwindling due to inactivity it was only a matter of time before the site became abandoned for the best part of 3 years, maybe 4 years.
Although it still remains one of my personal favourites at a height of change in my offline life.

Erythrae Studios, Version 4: Redemption (August 26, 2011 - January 13, 2012)

Coming Soon

Erythrae Studios, Version 3: Rebirth (January 14, 2011 - August 25, 2011)

Coming Soon

Erythrae Studios, Version 2 (June 25, 2010 - January 13, 2011)

With summer approaching it was decided that Erythrae Studios needed a new fresh look, and thus this design was created with inspiration from the warmer/brighter weather. Although the main template of the design is similar to Version 1, other new features of this design include the right side navigation links which was added to make the main Erythrae Studios page more organised and easier to navigate. Along with the new design, new navigation images were created for the network links to replace the old "lightning" theme images.

Erythrae Studios, Version 1 (January 14, 2010 - June 25, 2010)

Alot of the Xari-Myst Network content moved along with the change to Erythrae Studios, for example the Site Directory and the Portfolio site. XariMyst itself was kept alive and changed to focus specifically on contests and reviews.
Above is a screenshot of the first version of Erythrae Studios, which consisted of mainly one page with the Navigation for the sites of the network, and a list of recent updates. It also included affiliates, link back buttons and contact information below the main navigation images. This design was originally created with a "paint splash" theme but then recreated with a "lightning" theme which would later become the final design of Version 1.

The Xari-Myst Network and Erythrae Designs 2008-2010

Once again the site was revived and renamed as The Xari-Myst Network. It was the first to obtain it's own domain name and url. The reason for this was to add extra features to the site, including the Site Directory and Erythrae Designs which could be self-hosted on subdomains. This allowed the main XariMyst site to be focused on contests and hosting. At this point most of the original Spireality/XariMyst graphics had been declared as bad quality and were replaced with new improved graphics and designs, and a larger quantity of content. In 2 years the site saw several design changes before it also fell victim to abandonment. Towards the end of 2009 the site became active again, but with the domain expiration due in February of the next year, a big decision was made to change the site completely and start from a new beginning.

XariMyst, 2006-2008

After finished school and starting in college, the abandoned Spireality was put on a permanent hiatus and replaced with XariMyst. A new name and a new url on a free subdomain host, along with it's own designs instead of depending on pre-made layouts. Although some of the content from it's predecessor was promoted to the new site. XariMyst offered similar content to before; graphics and tutorials, but also began to host contests. The site did well for awhile but soon followed in the path of Spireality and was abandoned for several months without updates.

Spireality, 2004-2006

A small graphics site with few updates every month which offered graphics and tutorials. In the 2 years of it's existance there was 4 different versions, some with pre-made layouts and the last with a self-made layout. The overall quality wasn't impressive as the owner was busy with school and was still new to website management, and the site eventurally died and was left to gather cyber-dust.

Since 14th January 2010
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